1. I am just a regular working woman. I work at palm plantation company as finance analyst.

2.I was born in Samarinda. I have been living in Yogyakarta for seven years, more or less, until I finished my college at 2013. Then I moved again to my hometown, Samarinda, and living there until now.

3. I am a second child, a Virgo, and have blood type A.

4. I am living my second life now 😆

5. I love everything beautiful, such as art, scenery, cute pet, and beautiful people 😆

6. I am an ipodholic. I don’t limit my self to certain genre of music, but mostly I love trip hop music. My favorite musician is Lana Del Rey ❤

7. I love reading. Mostly fanfiction 😆 but I love Neil Gaiman’s works.

8. I love watching series. My favourites are Supernatural (but now on hiatus because, urghhh… yeah well, I don’t like where the series going 😦 ), Hannibal (my current obsession), Sherlock BBC, Hawaii Five 0 (on off), and South Park.

9. I am a moviegoers. My top three favourite movies all times are Inception, Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs. I can’t decide which one is the best. So I have three. The rest of my favourites are so many I can’t write.

10. I am pretty much a liberal one.

11. Recently, I love traveling ❤

12. Peace! ❤


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Welcome to my personal blog. This contains my slice of daily life, my interests and hobbies, my favourite movies and music, my place I have visited and many more. Hope you enjoy it, and comments are very appreciated. Thanx. XOXO

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