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Introducing My Lovely Pets, Hitler and Seravita

Hi, it’s me again. So…first, let me introduce u all, my lovely pets, Hitler and Seravita. The first pet I have is Hitler. He is a male and then when I became so addicted to pet society, I decided to make one pet again, she is Seravita. Hitler is a pet from my true account, and Seravita is from my clone account.

Here is Hitler and Seravita :





Cute aren’t they? Hitler is cute green cat with golden eyes. Maybe you asked me why i named him Hitler, that’s because i thought “Hitler” is easy to remember and back then i was watched “Down Fall” movie before created my first pet in pet society.

Seravita is Hitler’s personal maid. She is a sweet pinky fox. Her job is hunting mysterious items for his master, Hitler. And then Hitler will sell them to earn more money. Hitler will give Seravita several items and stuff she likes for her hardworking.

And, let see Hitler’s lovely room, Hitler only just reached level 28, so he only have 6 rooms in his house plus 2 gardens.

Hitlers Front Garden

Hitler's Front Garden

This is Hitler’s front garden. And it used for his outdoor bath too. Hitler loves to bath under the blue sky, while he can watching the beatiful scenery and smell the flowers’ fragrance. After bath, Hitler likes to sit on the swing and play with the duck doll.

Hitlers deck

Hitler's deck

And this is Hitler’s front deck. It has beautiful sea scenery. Hitler likes to store his favourite stuffs in here, like his favourite dolls and his treasure when he was a pirate 😆 Hitler loves to watch star at night using his favourite telescope, which he get from his hardworking to recycle his unused things 😀

I think enough for tonight. I will write again about Hitler’s room tomorrow 😀


Introducing My Newly Pet Themed Blog!!

Hello, it’s me again hehehehe. Maybe some of you already know that my personal webblog, is down. And it said that i haven’t paid my bill for my hosting?! The truth is, i have paid it for 9 months but, the hosting thought that i only paid for 3 months!! And i was too lazy to scan my payment bill and send it to them.

And forget about that, this is one of my several web (like, (curently down), (left for my personal paid web,, and (i haven’t write there yet) an i remember that i have one in but i forgot the username 😆 ).

So this, i tell you, i have a plan to make this for my stories about my lovely pet in pet society. Yes!! Pet society is one of infamaous game in facebook world, and i am addicted to it!! I do love my pet, named Hitler. And i want to make personal blog for him!!

Oh, and I will use english in this blog (hope will continue 😆 ) for people who doesn’t know me, english is not my mother tongue, so bear with it please 😀

So thank you for viewing and i hope you like it.


Welcome to my personal blog. This contains my slice of daily life, my interests and hobbies, my favourite movies and music, my place I have visited and many more. Hope you enjoy it, and comments are very appreciated. Thanx. XOXO

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