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South Sulawesi Trip Part. I – Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park

Hello! This is my post that I moved from my other blog ( I decided to use this blog instead making a new one.

Well, I want to talk about my recent holiday to South Sulawesi with my friends. First day, we arrived at Sultan Hassanudin Airport, Makassar at 10 am. I took about one hour flight from Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. When we arrived at the airport, ย we were bombarded by taxi drivers. I used to travel a lot when I was in college, I was in Yogyakarta, one of the infamous tourism cities in Indonesia, I know how eager the taxi drivers to get us, who look like a tourist. But it was different at Sultan Hassanudin Airport, the taxi drivers were unbearable!! Yes, we were looked obviously like tourist because we brought big backpack, so most the taxi drivers approached us. I declined their offering, softly and with smile, but they followed us everywhere! And they half forced us. I usually take airport taxi just to be safe, but then I realized those over eager taxi drivers were from airport taxi. And then finally we took the taxi with one of those taxi drivers (who offered the cheapest fare). The whole driving to our hostel, the taxi driver offered us some car rent, and he nicely stopped near ย Sultan Hassanudin statue so we could take the photo ๐Ÿ˜€

sultan hassanudin statue

The Sultan Hassanudin statue, pardon our pose, I couldn’t find the better picture XD

But then we had problem with our hostel. Since my friends want to stay at the cheapest place in downtown, we choose to stay at hostel not hotel. I hadn’t checked the review of the said hotel from tripadvisor, and I just checked tripadvisor the moment when we arrived at the hostel, and it such a nightmare. I read the review, and the hostel gets all the bad words, all the reviewers complain about the fleas and dirty room. And the real condition is as bad as descripted in the review. Dirty room and bad service! The manager yelled and guilted us to stay at the hotel. So we just stayed one night. It was only Rp 150.000, a room for two people, but eww it’s soooo not worthed!! I’d rather pay 50.000 more to have cleaner room! I didn’t even touch the washtafel because I felt disgusted. Well, it’s bad first impression about the city right. So then we decided to go outside quickly. We went for lunch, and we wanted to eat Sop Konro at Kareboshi. Well, the Konro was worth it! It’s big!

Konro Kareboshi

Konro at Kareboshi. It doesn’t look like the Konro here. It was served with peanut sauce and rawon-like soup

After Konro lunch, we were going to our main destination, Bantimurung waterfall! We decided to use angkot or Pete-pete. From Kareboshi, we went to Terminal Daya first and then changed angkot there, the second angkot took us from Daya to Maros. From Maros we changed angkot again to go to Bantimurung National Park. The angkot took us until we reached in front of the loket, which is lucky, because I saw a lot of visitors had to park their vehicles far away from the locket. It was not good experience to take Pete-pete, we were charged more than usual (well my friends blamed me because I looked obviously like tourist, with my red hair, sunglasses, hat and camera around my neck), and it was rather exhausting to change Pete-pete and wait the drivers to take other passengers. But the pain was paid when I got inside the Bantimurung. Well, not at first sight, though. There were a lot of people, A LOT! It was like Mecca inside the park! Layer of layer people. Well, it was long holiday after all. I was dissapointed when I saw the waterfall at first time, aside from many people who were getting wet under the water, the waterfall was not as beautiful as I saw on internet. It wasn’t big. And then again, a lot of people, so we couldn’t get good spot to take picture there. Or even just to look at the waterfall. We didn’t go to the Butterfly Museum, because they charged us again to go inside the museum, and it has only dead butterflies after all. So me and my friends just walked inside the park, I was already hopeless, we took long walk to go upside to see the cave. The good thing is the more we walked up, the less people. And then finally I reached the beautiful spot! Another small waterfall, very small though, but the water is sooooo greenish blue!! It’s so beautiful. And only few people there! I took off my sandals and went inside the lake. Just my feet though XD

The mud was so soft, I wanted to go swimming but the mud wasn't hard enough I was afraid I could be sucked in XD

The mud was so soft, I wanted to go swimming but the mud wasn’t hard enough I was afraid I could be sucked in XD


Another part of the lake

It was kinda hard to go down there, and I messed up the mud XD

So I spent my time there to play in the water and took a lot of pictures. Not far from there is the cave. We wanted to go there inside the cave first but when we saw inside, it was only darkness and we didn’t bring any decent flashlight (and we didn’t wanna use our cellphone), so we decided to go home, also we were already exhausted. The walk we took was fairly long. And we still have to walk back and looking for Pete-pete again, and it was already 4 pm and I’ve read on internet that Pete-pete will leave at 5 pm, so we had to hurry if we wanted to go back at our hostel. Before we leaved, I was looking for souvenir, there are a lot of butterflies stuff in Bantimurung. I bought one XD I thought they are fake butterflies, but my friends said that they are real. Lucky us, we could catch Pete-pete quickly near the souvenir shop. And just my advice, if you want to go to Bantimurung, and with many people, better rent a car. We were charged Rp 7000 a person, we are four people, so it was Rp 28.000 per one stop, we have to take 6 stops (3 to get there and 3 for going home). Pete-pete would cost many too if we take a long road. And then if you are in the Bantimurung, don’t just stop at the first waterfall, it is not as good as the small waterfall and lake inside the national park! And bring spare clothes if you wanna play in the water, most people just go down there in the water with their full outfit.



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